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A Modern, Responsive-Design Website: The Must-Have for EVERY Business


Consumers are online all day long, and moving between devices is the new norm—from smartphone to tablet to desktop, and the list keeps growing. A website is the foundation for your online presence, so you need to ensure customers can easily view your website no matter how they’re looking.

That’s where we can help.

A responsive-design website means that it adjusts automatically to the device and screen size of the user. Having such functionality is more important than ever, as mobile searches are starting to surpass desktop searches. If customers have trouble viewing your site, they’ll simply look for an alternative—which may very well be the website of your competitor. We can help.

Our website packages include a fully responsive website, as well as Facebook page, so you can establish a strong Web and social presence for your business. Additionally, to help you start to build content and engage with potential customers, we’ll create and submit several social posts on your Facebook timeline. A dynamic social feed will also be added to your website so that your Facebook posts are displayed there, as well. Plus, site indexing and maintenance are included in our website package. That means we regularly submit your site map to major search engines throughout the year to ensure your site can be found. We also monitor your site’s technical health to identify any issues, such as spam warnings or domain problems that may arise.

In addition to having 24/7 access to make updates to your site via an easy-to-use, do-it-yourself dashboard, you also have access to our Account Management support team to help you make changes throughout the year. There are modules that let you build coupons/menus, display reviews from Yelp, sell products online with a PayPal button and much more. 

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