Gain More Exposure and Drive More Leads to Your Business with CenturyLinkYellowPages.com

Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) is an essential part of any online marketing program and a great way for local businesses to connect with local consumers. We provide exposure for your business on CenturyLinkYellowpages.com, the local portal serving your community, which is powered by YP.com! 

YP.com is ranked among the top 30 digital properties across desktop, mobile and mobile apps in the US1, with over 80 million visitors per month to the YP.com site and YP.com app.2 By adding a YP.com program, your business is provided with the opportunity to appear on hundreds of directory and website properties via the YP Local Ad Network, which has nearly 100 million unique monthly users.3 Your business’s name, address, phone number,  products, services, photos, location and website are made available to this extensive audience.

But it’s more than just the amount of traffic and exposure—you also benefit from the type of people who use YP.com. They’re an affluent audience—76% of household income is at $40,000 or more.4 They’re also ready to buy—77% of YP.com searchers contact a merchant after their search, and 66% make a purchase after their search.5

Not only will your business increase its reach with YP.com, but you’ll be able to easily track results with our 24/7 reporting, including the number of clicks and impressions your business has received.

With such a large group of active and affluent users, your business can’t afford not to be found. Let us show you how adding YP.com to your program can help!

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