Be Found in Local Search: The Importance of Google My Business

When people need the help of a local business, what’s the first thing they do? Simply put, they Google it.

Gone are the days of seeking a friend or family member for a recommendation. Thanks to technology, it’s now much faster to pull out your smartphone for an immediate answer. In fact, Google is used so often to find information it has developed into its own verb.

Googling what you need guarantees a clean, accurate display of information – organized to show what small businesses are nearby and most convenient. This is Local Search.

It’s essential for any small business to take advantage of Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to maximize Google visibility. Because when local customers are looking for your product or service, you need to be found – or they’ll find your competition.

The first step for Local Search success is creating a Google My Business page. Once your profile is completed, you’ll be on the way to the valuable digital marketing benefits below.


Ability to be Seen in Local Search

Your Google My Business page is your ticket into Local Search. Once fully filled out and optimized with your company’s information, your profile will feed your business name, contact details, and description directly into Google’s algorithm. This gives you the ability to appear in the “local pack” of search results – which even appears above standard website results on both mobile and desktop devices.


Visibility Based on Proximity

What’s more important for a local business than local customers? With GPS-integrated smartphones in hand, searchers on-the-go will be able to find your business right when they need it.


Google Maps Integration

Google My Business automatically connects to Google Maps – giving current or potential customers a user-friendly way to find and visit your location.


Accurate Business Information

Before deciding where to spend their money, consumers will typically do some online research to compare their options. And when they’re searching for your service, it’s crucial to provide accurate, reliable information. Google My Business makes it easy by populating Google’s Knowledge Panel – a small box located to the right of search results – with a brief snapshot of what you’re all about.

Need help with setting up your Google My Business? We’re here to provide you with smart, cost-effective online marketing solutions to find new customers and grow your business.