Tips To Help Your Small Business Succeed in the New Year

The ball dropped at midnight, but that doesn't mean it has to drop on your business. Check out our favorite small business tips to succeed in 2018.

12 Small Business Tips for the Holiday Shopping Season

Have you ever wanted to see more success from your holiday sales campaigns?  CenturyLink can help set your business up for...

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Responsive Web Design

Did you know that 40 percent of people abandon a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load? That’s 40 percent of potential customers—or people interested in your business— that you’re losing in the first three seconds.

This is just one of the many reasons why it’s essential...

Why Video Content Is Essential for Small Business Marketing

Ready for a surprising stat? Consumers are 64 to 84% more likely to buy a product after seeing a video for it.

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Tips on How Your Business Can Respond to Customer Reviews

Responding to reviews has never been more important than in today’s digital world. 88 percent of customers consider online reviews to be just as valuable as personal recommendations, and nearly 90 percent of customers surveyed said they trust online reviews just as much as recommendations from...

Start with Strategy

Small Businesses on Social Media

A social media strategy to improve your small business’ bottom line.

Be Found in Local Search: The Importance of Google My Business

When people need the help of a local business, what’s the first thing they do? Simply put, they Google it.

Gone are the days of seeking a friend or family member for a recommendation. Thanks to technology, it’s now much faster to pull out your smartphone for an immediate answer. In fact,...